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STEMLab is a £17 million investment in new state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

It is part of a wider £25 million investment in the West Park of our campus which includes the adjacent student learning and teaching hub. Opening in 2017, STEMLab will contain new engineering, physics, chemistry, materials and bio laboratories forming a truly cutting-edge learning facility.
These outstanding new facilities allow us to offer new ways to learn and collaborate. The facilities will include, for example, a ‘drop-in’ engineering workshop alongside teaching laboratories, workshops,
computer-aided design and rapid prototyping facilities, a design studio and informal learning spaces.
These enhanced facilities will further increase our ability to train and develop skilled graduates that are targeted by major employers from across the world. Take an interactive tour of STEMLab and find out more about our new development.

STEMLab: Take a virtual tour

Our virtual tour gives you the opportunity to see what the new STEMLab facilities will look like.